Saturday, June 01, 2013

Again, after a while.

I went to see the new "Star Trek" movie this morning, and I thought it was very good! And the 3D wasn't bad. It only cost me $2 by going to the earliest show and using an $8 coupon I received for pre-ordering the movie through Best Buy. Yep, I bought the movie sight unseen. But reading the reviews and hearing some comments from a couple people at work I decided I could no wrong buying *before* going to the theatre. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but there's a couple scenes that, although changed, may give folks a case of deja vu.

If anything, this movie made me realize that I really need to improve on my "Paths of Thunder" story. I know many of my readers liked it, but its slow pace now feels a bit like a Sominex pill to me. Before, I was rather determined to follow almost the same story I had laid out when I wanted to make this story a graphic novel. Which was okay, but doesn't make much of a gripping tale.

Somebody in FurAffinity once called me "Sobekberry" for doing what basically is Star Trek with dinosaurs. Now I feel I need to turn myself into a saurian J.J. Abrams and revitalize my own concept by changing my own universe. But don't worry -- while some things may change, many of the things that made you like "A Path of Thunder" will still be there.

But I promise there won't be any lens flares or camera shakes. Unless you want to imagine them. ;)