Monday, December 31, 2012

Work continues

Curse you, Blogger, for eating my post... :P

Work continues on my book, although at a slower pace than I want. Besides my job taking more time from my life that I wish it did, I am also not a fast writer/typist, and I tend to revise things probably more than they should.

So far, chapters 1 to 7 (except 4, which is still in a very early stage) are quite complete, needing only some minor revisions. While some of it is material that I already wrote, most of it is new. And even the parts that I had already written have been revised to accommodate both the introduction of new characters and ideas, as well as changes in a few plot points and to the archosaur universe, and even some material that I came up with to late in the story for it to make sense.

An example of the last one is Grell. By the time I came up with a good background information for his behavior and appearance, I already had written the first three parts. Dropping all that information in the middle of the original story would had made little sense, and probably even confused some readers.

Something that concerns me about the whole story, however, is the amount of adult material. From either the very explicit, to just tame descriptions and other innuendos, it seems like not a chapter has gone by without sex being mentioned or is the focus of the chapter. Of course, considering the target audience for this story, there may be some who may think there is *not enough* action in it.

Anyway... that's all for now.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

And almost one year later...

... I decide to go back to continue writing my novel. Not long ago, I put a bit of thought again into the idea of writing a book, and decided that if I am ever going to accomplish one of my personal goals, my novel would be the best chance to do so. Plus, writing gives my mind ways to create things in ways I could never accomplish by drawing.

So here I am again. My apologies for having abandoned this.

I don't know if anybody is still following this blog. But for any who still do, and any new readers, I'll use this space to post any news on this project, as well as bits of information and/or trivia, and whatever else I see fit to share. But there will be no mention of any mayor scenes in the story, as it would not be a good idea to reveal any new and important details of the book's plot.

So what's new? The whole project has been revised. Rather than one single volume made of three separate "books", it will be two separate books. Not aiming for a trilogy here. I know stories are basically made of beginning, middle and end, but I'm feeling a bit of a rebel here. Even when I like odd numbers for some weird reason.

Anyhoo... what else? Ah, yes. Oviraptors! They are the newest addition to my little family of archosaurs. I have yet to come up with a cool name for their species, as I am not using the same naming nomenclatures as our beloved Earth dinosaurs. And they will be omnivores, to add another element to my little universe. Should be fun!

Two secondary characters have gone big changes. The parasaurolophus named Zarod is gone, and is now replaced with a carnotaur named Dherek. This character will be developed more, and very early in the story he will be shown to have something in common with Grell. Meanwhile, the female styracosaur named Vak'zhoria will be changed to a female carnotaur. Yes, you probably can see where this will be going. Hey, if the Domains are thriving and expanding, it's because their species are breeding. So there has to be far more "same sex, same species" unfings going on than all others combined. And the vast majority of them are not hornballs. It's just that those are the ones who make the most noise. But don't worry, folks; I have a few ways planned that hopefully will make these two characters interesting. ;)

Stay tuned.