Sunday, October 02, 2011

Still alive (and the cake was no lie)

Figures. Leave it up to this old crocodile to make something new, then completely forget about it for weeks, if not months.

Apologies if anyone has visited this blog from time to time, looking to see if I have anything new to report about any of my projects. As is often the case, I tend to spend my time on things that merely waste my time rather than put it to good, productive use.

So what's up? If you follow my FurAffinity account, you must probably know that I decided to continue my long story "A Path of Thunder" and turn it into a novel. Progress has been slow (as usual) since I have been editing the chapters I had written originally, adding better descriptions and enhancing the dialogue. But it doesn't stop there; I am building a sequence of events parallel to the original story, with new scenes and characters, that will pave the way for the main story in the second part of the book.

That has stopped for now, though. I realized I was sort of going blind in here, with no firm direction. In a rather unusual way from how I have worked with my other stories, I failed to create an outline that would allow me to determine how the entire story should flow. So I am correcting that omission, and have begun work on the requisite outline. That should take me a few days, as I move chapters and scenes around until I get the whole thing plotted to satisfaction. Then the actual writing can proceed.

I'll try to post updates on my work. Hopefully it won't take weeks for the next post here. :P


  1. I was hoping you'd do this actually.

    Posting a story one chapter at a time tends to make the narrative segmented and inconsistent as well. When I try it, I always think of ways I could've done something in a previous chapter better.

    It helps to step back and take a look at what you've done as a whole. Make it flow as a single document. Realize what can stay, and what can be edited out. It's a daunting task, but it always improves the final product.

  2. Ahhh, awesome to see you posting here again. I thought you had totally forgotten about this. I check your blog pretty much daily.