Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second "Boys" update

Here are three more archosaur studs. As before, the final version is subject to change .

 Number four in the list is Maleek, the plateback (Stegosaur) that was a bit of a pest to Grell in the ship's Bridge. I seem to have forgotten the gadget that soldiers are supposed to wear, so it will be added for the final version.

With this image, I tried to deviate a bit from the way I usually draw my characters. He's a bit plump yet muscular. And rather than present him with my usual nearly front view, I had him give a shot of what he's got under that stego tail. Of course, the final version will have a good view of a heavy ballsack and meaty sausage!

Like Zaron before him, Maleek doesn't go for males. To almost all of archosaur society, though, being gay matters as much as the color of someone else's eyes, so folks like Maleek do not mind if other males admire them. Besides, he's sure posing for this project means that there will be some female plateback who will find him desirable.

 This one is Garios, the Trihorn (Triceratops). This drawing definitely will see more editing -- I have not being able to draw a head that I really like; his left shoulder is lower than the right, and his right arm is rather funky in the way it is holding a gun.

You probably can notice the guy is ambidextrous, though. He's holding another gun in his left hand.

And here's Saresh, the Snoutcrest (Dilophosaurus). He's as much as a slut in "A Path of Thunder" as Brakkus, so I thought it was fitting for him to hold a similar pose with his member fully erect.

Unlike Brakkus, though, Saresh is standing on his feet, legs splayed and crotch forward, blatantly displaying his sex for all the Archosaur Domains to admire (and hopefully to take him in his offer).

Given that he absolutely prefers to take it in the rear, it probably would had made more sense to show him with his tail up and his butt to the viewer, but I prefer this pose for some reason.

There are two more characters for which I already selected a pose, but those are still in an even rougher version than the ones I've shown so far, so I decided not to post them for the time being.

Once I get ten characters sketched, I'll start cleaning up and coloring. That's probably a decent number for the whole project. If there is still time and I still feel like it, I may add a couple more to it.


  1. Maleek is sure got an interesting pose! If I hadn't read that he isn't gay I would see it as him inviting someone to do him but I also read that these guys don't see homosexuality as humans do so YAY!!!

    Garios looks nice but not much for him sorries.

    Now for Saresh......... <3 a Dilophosaur! That has been my favorite dinosaur since I found out what dinosaurs are! He looks pretty cute to me and him being a bit slutty makes him cooler to me!

  2. I love dinosaurs espesial muscles.
    FurAffinity a fan of yours, I find as extreme123dz.
    I love your art and you kaa as an inspiration for me, I wish you the best of
    life and crocodiles live many more years with vigor and health.