Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bigger, yet not sure if better

So I am minding my own business today at work, doing my usual stuff (and a bit more due to some issue with a system) when my supervisor hinted there could be something big coming my way, and that he would let me in on it later in the day. I didn't give much thought to it until later when he called me and we went to talk in a different room.

He didn't give me any direct indication of what it was, just dropping a few hints until I finally figured out what it was. My initial reaction was in the "Holy shit!" territory, though those weren't the words I used, for obvious reasons.

The work I have done mostly so far goes more or less like this -- a few people at higher or lower than my position (as well as those like me) process the work, and also a second time if the first time it was not resolved to the satisfaction of the submitter. If the second submit fails, it goes to a third, which is the responsibility of only one person. And if that fails, then it goes to a final process, which is also by one person. My new role would be that of the third person in the chain.

Needless to say, I'm freaking out a bit. One thing about some corporations is that they don't want their employees to remain stagnant; they want them to keep advancing. And that is done by taking newer and bigger challenges. So far, I have managed to learn all of the ones I have faced and, despite my initial apprehensions at having yet something else to know and master, have managed to not just do them all, but do them well.

Still, these challenges mean I begin to become more visible. According to my supervisor, the quality of my work has led some higher ups to wonder where I may end up, and what sort of contributions I can give to the company. I am in their eyesights, and not in a negative way. But it makes me nervous; the safety of being surrounded by others doing the same kind of work is evaporating. And some of the easy tasks I had done so well will be taken away from me because my time would be needed for the bigger challenges.

I cannot stagnate. Taking more work is the path for promotion, and better pay.  It is probably natural to feel apprehensive about it. I feel like a deer caught in some headlights. Hopefully, I will turn that into a crocodile whose eyes glow in the dark when light falls on it.


  1. *Huggs* Good luck Kaa I'm sure you'll do well, I do understand where you're coming from though!

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