Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Putting the novel on hold

To make this entry short, I don't think writing a novel would be worth the effort. Written stories hardly attract an audience among furries. Not when nowadays the fandom just wants visual stories that they can read quickly, with attractive mammals doing the nasty so they can fap to them.

Dinosaurs and text just doesn't cut it. Even when I feel I could write something far better than most furry comics.



  1. Aww... I was really looking forward to buying a copy too. Is this just writer's block, or something more serious?

  2. I'm really sorry to hear this, Kaa. You do write AWESOME scaly stories. Sure, there are lots of mammal lovers, but there are tons of reptile lovers too.

    Would you consider putting what you have of the novel (at this stage) up for us to read?

  3. Never underestimate people's appetite for quality. I, too, find most comics shallow and oversimplified. The massive audience will probably flock to those comics so they won't have to use as much of their brains to understand them, but I believe the right people will be drawn to the things that are truly good, and those are the people you should aim to impress.